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Module for Signalize und etracker Analytics

Development and support by EVO-CON.

The module automatically integrates the etracker tracking code, etracker eCommerce tracking and the Signalize push service worker into your store.

Benefit from these special advantages in a flash:

  1. Multi-channel push remarketing to strengthen customer loyalty and increase conversions with Signalize. Engage your customers with up-to-the-minute news and targeted campaigns across all channels. Even iPhone users who can’t receive web push notifications by default can receive your news and offers thanks to Signalize.

  2. Data protection-compliant web analysis without cookies and without any consent requirement, but with maximum data with etracker Analytics.
    This means you can completely do without a cookie dialog, provided you do not use any other analysis, personalization or marketing cookies. If you want to use etracker Analytics with cookies, you can record all visits and conversions even when cookies are rejected.


Using the PrestaShop module, the etracker code (a Java script snippet) is automatically inserted into the header on all website pages. The snippet loads both the tracking code and the Signalize service worker.

etracker Analytics automatically collects data such as product views, wish list events, shopping cart events, onsite searches, form interactions including all necessary product dimensions.

You can also:

  • track all page views with unique names and corresponding breadcrumb as a range dimension
  • track onsite searches including search term and y/n results
  • track those product events: product details displayed, product added to cart, product removed from cart, product added to wish list, coupon code added, order placed
  • manage dimensions about the product (e.g. name, ID, price, quantity, category level)


After implementing the tracking code, you can use the obtained data for reporting purposes as well as for targeted push notification campaigns.


You can download the PrestaShop Module and Documentation here.