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App Push for iOS

To integrate App Push into your iOS app, first download the iOS SDK. You also need to create a .p8 certificate in your Apple Developer Account, as well as the Team ID, Bundle ID and Key ID. Here we show step by step where you get this information.


Log in to your Apple Developer Account and click on Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles.

Step 2:

Click on Keys in the left column.

Step 3:

Then go to Keys+ to create a new key.

Step 4:

Enter any key name, tick Apple Push Notifications service (APNs) and click Continue.

Step 5:

Click Register to register the key with Apple.

Step 6:

Download the .p8 certificate you just created and remember the Key ID to store it later in Signalize. Then click Done.

Step 7:

You will be taken to the list of keys, where you can see your Team ID in the top right-hand corner. You will also need this later to add it in Signalize.

Step 8:

In Xcode you will find the Bundle ID of your app, which you later also enter in Signalize.

Step 9:

Now go to Signalize. Under Settings General App Push for iOS, upload the .p8 certificate you just created and enter the Team ID, the Bundle ID and the Key ID.

That’s it!

Now you can send messages via Signalize directly to your app.