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Transfer of subscribers

If you switch from another push provider to Signalize, you keep your existing subscribers thanks to the automatic migration. The only requirement is that they have been collected on your own domain by a service worker.

Subscribers who have not returned to your website since the switch to Signalize can still receive push notifications about the previous solution. As soon as a subscriber visits your website, the previous service worker is removed from his browser and replaced by the Signalize service worker. From that point on he can only receive notifications via Signalize and notifications are not sent twice to the same recipient. The migration takes place automatically and the duration depends on the frequency of visits to your website.

To migrate your subscribers simply follow these steps:

  1. Remove all the code of the old provider from the website and integrate the Signalize code.
  2. Replace the old provider’s service worker file with the one from Signalize. You can find the Service Worker file in your Signalize account under Settings → Installation → Upload Service Worker file (optional). Check the correct setup of the Service Worker.
  3. Set up and activate the Signalize Opt-In.
  4. Finally, test if everything is working correctly by signing up for the notification service on your website and making sure that the sign-up appears in the Signalize dashboard as a new subscriber.

Now existing Web Push recipients are automatically taken over by Signalize as soon as they visit your website. They will not be shown a new invitation or sign-up dialog.

Tip: We recommend not to use an automated welcome message during the migration period because migrated subscribers would also receive this message. Without the welcome message migrated subscribers would not even notice the change.

Import of recipient lists

Some Web Push solutions allow the export of recipient lists in CSV format with the corresponding keys (userPublicKey, userAuth, VAPID public key, VAPID private key). In this case, subscribers can also be imported in closed form via our Customer Service. Due to the non-standardised export lists, additional fees are incurred for this. Please contact us for further information on the recipient import at moin@signalize.com.