Web & Wallet Push Benchmark Report 2021

In sports, you can measure yourself against best marks or direct competition. In online marketing, however, it is difficult to evaluate your own performance because comparative values are usually lacking. This is not the case for push marketing: the Signalize Benchmark Report provides orientation and also shows concrete levers for optimisation. The report also proves […]

No worries about losing subscribers

Who does not: worry about losing the subscribers you have won so far when changing providers? After all, they are the foundation of successful push marketing. But this worry is completely unjustified, because all subscribers can be taken on board when switching to Signalize. The only condition: they have been collected on your own domain […]

Top 10 Marketing Trends 2021 & Push Marketing

2020 was and still is a year with very special challenges for online marketers. On the one hand, court decisions such as Schrems II, on the other COVID-19 – both with far-reaching consequences that will also have a massive impact on the marketing landscape in 2021.Besides the very obvious effects of the US data transfer […]

Voucher marketing with Signalize

Voucher marketing is an important part of the marketing mix in B2C commerce. No wonder that sending vouchers via push notifications is efficient and popular. But if you deal with vouchers too inflationary, you run the risk that they lose their appeal, customers are educated to be bargain hunters and margins are lost unnecessarily. As […]