Top 10 Marketing Trends 2021 & Push Marketing

2020 was and still is a year with very special challenges for online marketers. On the one hand, court decisions such as Schrems II, on the other COVID-19 – both with far-reaching consequences that will also have a massive impact on the marketing landscape in 2021.
Besides the very obvious effects of the US data transfer ban and lockdowns on online marketing, there are other changes and trends that should be considered in marketing communication in 2021. So you are well prepared for the coming year and push your success with push marketing.

1. Choose modern media to be seen as up-to-date

“The medium is the message”: With this insight, the communication theorist Marshall McLuhan already shaped the marketing world in 1964. Messengers and social feeds have permanently changed the communication behaviour of young and old. Browsers and mobile notifications correspond exactly to this contemporary form of communication.

2. Design your communication in an agile way and with an up-to-date reference

Especially in turbulent times, the ability to react quickly to internal and external changes is worth its weight in gold. Push messages can be created and sent in a few minutes: individually designed and with selection of the appropriate target groups.

3. Broadcast appropriate content according to individual research and purchasing behaviour, sales phase, lifecycle etc.

Notifications are even better when they are tailored to the interests of the users. Therefore, ask them when they sign in to your Push service or use the behavioural signals on the website.

4. Use easy to manage tools and channels to have more time for creative ideas and new things

Push messages are created and sent in less than five minutes. This is fun and gives marketers more room for creativity.

5. Use marketing automation to relieve your workload and to address users efficiently

Those who maintain a blog or use podcasts can automatically draw attention to new articles or episodes. Signalize can likewise be connected to CRM or merchandise management systems.

6. Ensure maximum reach through networked content promotion across all channels

Even with high-quality content with added value, readers, listeners or viewers do not come by themselves. Push marketing helps with content promotion and content seeding because particularly interested users are reached directly.

7. Present your company as personal and approachable

Push notifications can also be used to introduce the company’s “unsung heroes”, give a glimpse behind the scenes or communicate entertaining information.

8. Take into account that ad remarketing is now only possible with the active, explicit consent of users

With cookie consent rates of a maximum of 50 percent and cookie deletion rates of around 20 percent, the potential for advertising retargeting is shrinking noticeably. In the case of push notifications, the browser takes over the consent management on the one hand, and on the other hand the sign up invitation is well received, as the user is offered real added value.

9. Make yourself independent of social media platforms with constantly changing guidelines and algorithms through a direct line to the customer

Anyone who wants to reach potential new customers outside their own circles can benefit from the huge reach and various targeting options on social media platforms. But for communication with people who have already had contact with the company, the company’s own channels should be given top priority.

10. Note that US-Martech is no longer legally applicable after Schrems II

Legal use of Martech and Adtech from the US is no longer possible in the EU since the ECJ ruling on the Privacy Shield. Fortunately, there are also providers from Germany and a takeover of push subscribers from other solutions is carried out automatically.