Howto: RSS feeds as a trigger for push notifications

RSS feeds are a great way to automatically bring new content to subscribers. In order for the new content to reach the Signalize subscriber, RSS feeds can be linked to Signalize and used as triggers for automatically sent push notifications. The setup is done in Automation -> RSS Push: 1. Assign an internal name for […]

Howto: Test Signalize without code integration

To test Signalize, there is no need to integrate the Signalize code on your website. We provide you with a personal demo shop in which you can test all features without obligation before you start live on your website. Create messages and workflows and send test messages to yourself and others. Simply share the demo […]

Howto: Capture User Preferences at Subscription

A user might be interested in receiving notifications from only a particular category of your website. To cope with this situation, signalize allows you to capture the preferences of each user at the time of subscription itself. The preferences that can be chosen by the users can be freely provided by you. How can I […]

Howto: Displaying the opt-in dialogue manually

In addition to the option of automatically displaying the opt-in dialogue after a certain period of time, the dialogue can also be triggered manually. The prerequisite for this is that the Signalize code is installed and the display of the dialogue on all pages of the domain is blocked in the Signalize options: (1) Call […]